Course Information

Bluecoat Proxy Course Duration: 24 Hours

Bluecoat Proxy Training Timings: Week days 1-2 Hours per day (or) Weekends: 2-3 Hours per day

Bluecoat Proxy Training Method: Online/Classroom Training

Bluecoat Proxy Study Material: Soft Copy

Course Content

Unit 1: Introduction to the ProxySG

Unit 2: ProxySG Security Deployment

Unit 3: ProxySG Initial Security Configuration

Unit 4: ProxySG Management Console

Unit 5: Proxy Services

Unit 6: Hypertext Transfer Protocol

Unit 7: Introduction to the Visual Policy Manager

Unit 8: WebFilter, WebPulse, and the Global Intelligence Network

Unit 9: Managing Downloads

Unit 10: Exceptions and Notifications

Unit 11: Access Logging

Unit 12: Authenticating Users on the ProxySG

Unit 13: Introduction to Encrypted Traffic Management

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