I appreciate your patience answering all questions I asked during the class. You explained everything good. 

I like the way you troubleshoot problems. Looks like what I do but you have a lot more experience. I found I am not alone in my troubles.

Now I have general idea what the main goals of the RP WMS are, and I have general guidelines what to look for when something goes wrong in the outbound process. I am not afraid of touching policies/rules because now I know more about the dependencies(especially when I have separate test instance :) ). 

Thank you guys and I hope we'll keep in touch. 

Linkedin Marin Atanasov- RedPrairie


Thanks we covered lots of material within a short time in a more clear and precise way.I have more technical knowledge on the Redprairie side than before.

Linkedin Alphonce Aboge-RedPrairie

It was very useful class with lot of informative content. You put effort to ensure that the topics and concepts covered is well understood. Thank you.

Linkedin Jaideep Vasudevan-RedPrairie

Thanks the training was very good and the trainer is very knowledgeable. I would recommend to other people in the future.

Linkedin Paul Greig-RedPrairie

I completed my training on Oct 20th. It was good training by the trainer. I learnt well from him. I recommend this liferay training to all.Thanks to Maxmunus.

Linkedin Venkat Panduranga-Liferay


We have completed RedPrairie training tonight.He's a great Trainer...and I truly enjoyed his classes.I would definitely recommend him to someone else or take him for another class in future.

Thank you, Sangita, for staying faithful to ensure I got the training I needed.

Linkedin Edwin Mimba-RedPrairie JDA

We have finished the training. It was very useful, detailed, The trainer is a great. Thanks to him, now I understand Veeva CRM and I'm totally prepared for Veeva CRM exam!

Excellent note from my side! I was very pleased with this training!

Linkedin Sasha Savic-Veeva CRM

The trainer has very good knowledge on the subject. Most importantly throughout the session, he has been very energetic and delivered the best to explain. The best part is he was proactively clarifying the areas whenever he used to feel we are not clear.He was well versed with the subject, very patient in answering queries and good at sharing his own work experience.

Linkedin Shrabani Pattnaik-Manhattan WMS

I had been to AWS training and had good experience. The trainer is very much experienced and had given great training and have included all the topics

Overall Experience- good

Linkedin Rohit Singhee- AWS (Amazon Web Swrvices)

I would give more than 5 star for AWS training by the trainer. He has excellent knowledge and teach very well. He goes everybody systems and resolves the issues during the training session. He provides different use cases for each topics during the training sessions and provides good theoretical knowledge. I liked his training very well.

Linkedin Bana Nayak- AWS (Amazon Web Services)

This is to update that the training provided by trainer was outstanding,it was very much descriptive,practical based & also our every query got answered. We also had some professional assistance from him which is much appreciated. Overall i am completely satisfied with the training & i have already recommended my friends & colleagues.

Linkedin Sumit Ghosal- AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Training was very good and it improved our AWS skills 

1. Good course material and structured  

2. Helpful Trainer even during the class / off-the class for completing the assignments 

3. Good blend of business examples / technical content. 

4. Quotes of good examples in the usage of technical concepts in a real-time scenario 

5. Good real-time examples and work out in the class.

Linkedin Sharan Rajapur- AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Very satisfied with overall IBM Curam training course. I am thankful to the trainer for giving extra support during my course. Appreciate.

Srikanth B- IBM Curam

Outstanding. I am very happy with the content and delivery of the training. The trainer was very experienced and covered everything in deep detail.

Mohan Nagaraju- TOGAF

AWS course was truly wonderful and amazing Course for me and great experience with all of you. Especially the trainer who thought us each and thing regarding this course. He has vast experience and expertise in his field. I have learned so much. Above all, his obvious passion for training has been inspiring and extremely motivating. I have not experienced this level of passion and commitment with any other trainer.

Thank you so much.

LinkedinMuhammad Aftab Khalid- AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Practical explanations and examples, hands-on approach, easy to follow and apply the concepts. Very much enjoyed the real world examples. 

Simon Phil- Manhattan WMS

This is a great course and I've learned a lot from it! Truly appreciate your service.

Paul M- RedPrairie JDA

AWS training was outstanding and covered things in details. I am very happy with the outcome of the training. The trainer has very deep knowledge about the subject and training delivery was flawless. I would recommend this AWS training to everyone who wants to shift their career in AWS.

Rajiv S- AWS (Amazon Web Services)

I think i am satisfied with training, it was all good . I would definitly recommend. 

Appreciate your efforts

Linkedin Shaif Tazir- Manhattan WMS

I gained a lot of useful information on digital marketing. It is a great course and i am learning more than I imagined. OUTSTANDING.

Ketan Shah- Digital Marketing

This by far one of the best training i have taken i have taken in a long time. I appreciate the effort put by the trainer in completing the course. 10/10

Rohit P- Qliksense Training

Windchill training was OUTSTANDING. I got what i was looking for, thanks to the trainer for every help.

Mayank T- Windchill PLM

This review is a thank you note for the sincere effort put by the Liferay trainer in completing the course. I am very happy with the way he is explaining every concept with deep understanding of the subject. Very grateful.

Usman M- Liferay Training

The trainer explains everything very thoroughly, and pays great attention to detail. I really do appreciate the time and effort you put into delivering such amazing training.

Sampat K- Alfresco Training


With the help of this training, I achieved my goal in getting into a step head of my career and becoming strong in AWS. Maxmunus really helped me to grow, and had a good trainer who is advisable for choosing better career and has guided for completion of certification.

LinkedinBhaskar Tatineni- AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Good experience , Trainer was  very good.

LinkedinMaruthi Gutla- AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Yes the training is complete and i am very much satisfied with the whole program. The trainer explained every concept quite clearly and didn't showed any discomfort in explaining the whole process in detail. The course was quite informative and if someone in my circle needs Manhattan training in the future i would definitely recommend your program.

LinkedinRachit Jain- Manhattan WMS

Learning new concepts in Azure cloud was interesting. The trainer made me feel very comfortable, able to contribute and take something away.  

Daily labs on each topic led to good understanding of the subject. It was a good use of my time.

Thank you.

Linkedin Poonam Mohanta - Microsoft Azure

AWS training was good and trainer was excellent. Thanks a lot to our trainer for his excellent training and practical classes. 

Linkedin Arindam Kundu - AWS (Amazon Web Services)

The trainer is amazing. He has lots of patience in addressing each individual queries during training. It was an overall good training and I am satisfied.

Linkedin Hitanshu Sekhar -  AWS (Amazon Web Services)




Linkedin Review Rajesh Samota - AWS (Amazon Web Services)

The course is very well designed, well adapted and well delivered. The infrastructure to deliver the course is cuttung edge and latest. The style of delivering with reference to live projects is commendable. The trainer can connect to the audience and very helpful. I would recommend the course to all.

Linkedin Review Biplab Ghosh -  AWS (Amazon Web Services)

The training is extremely interesting and useful. Quality of the content is excellent. Nice balance of theory and practical. The faculty presents the material with expertise, humor and genuineness. It really exceeded my expectations. 

Linkedin Review DileepKumar K.G -  AWS (Amazon Web Servies)


I observed, that he is more technically sounds on everytopic he delivers and well versed with AWS concepts.

He ensures participants are activly engaged and making sure they've understood the concepts.

He keep-up the time, as he starts the class on time and ends it as per the interest of time.

All his classes are 90% pratical rather than running through the slides and explaining concepts theortically.

He never hestitate to clarify any questions/doubts being asked in the class, even if it is irrelevant to the topic being covered on that specific day.

He ensures everyone in the class have completed the lab excercise and in case of any clarification on completion, he helps us to fix the issue.

Linkedin Review Gogula Krishnan - AWS (Amazon Web Services)

I Took AWS training from Maxmunus. Trainer is knowledgeable and clarifies all the doubts clearly. We also get help on preparing resume and also help with interview questions. I would recommend this institute for AWS training.

Linkedin Review Udaykumar Saunshi - AWS (Amazon Web Services)

The AWS training was awesome and i really liked it, especially trainer was very good, good motivation and understanding our requirement and delivery the contents.

Linkedin Review Ranjeeth Kumar- AWS (Amazon Web Services)

The institute management is very supportive. They had arranged a demo online class before I choose to go for the registration. Really appreciate the way the trainer try to explain the things in a professional manner. Overall a very good institute and I would like to recommend this for Azure training.

Linkedin Reviews Gopal Krishnan - Azure


Good communication. Enthusiastic and intention to help and teach others. On-time and keeps the communication channels open.

Linkedin Review Arun Bhaskar - AWS (Amazon Web Services)

I am getting trained in AWS infrastructure. I had a minimal knowledge of cloud computing. Trainer is so well versed I was able to grasp the cloud concepts easily. All the sessions so far are practical and I was able to setup my own website in AWS. Good to be part of this coaching academy.

Linkedin Review Guhan S - AWS (Amazon Web Services)

A very interactive training with live demo of the topics. Teacher is very clear with the topics and explains in layman terms with various examples. All this helps in easy and better understanding. Slackbot is a plus.

Linkedin review Hrushikesh Behera -  AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Training was excellent.

The trainer is very knowledgeable, and it’s a great opportunity to improve our knowledge and way of working in real time .

The communication between the trainer and the students is very good; we will not stuck at any point when you are practicing the things.

The provided Documents , videos and ppts are very helpful to revise the topics . 

Trainer provided Communication channels like whatsapp, slack are very useful to share the knowledge.

Linkedin Review Chandrasekhar - AWS (Amazon Web Services)

I found the trainer to be very knowledgeable in the field of WMS. He explained each and every concept in detail and answered my questions with a lot of enthusiasm.

He brings a ton of experience from his current role and responsibility from operations which, I found very useful as part of the training.

He was punctual and never got frustrated by the questions asked. When he was not fully prepared, he took notes to go back and research. My queries were answered with the detailed demonstration.

He took a lot of effort in preparing solid documentation which, shows his strength in Operations and sustain.

I wish him the very best in his future endeavors.

Maxmunus provided a smooth online passage through Video conferencing for the duration of the training. Logistics worked well.

Maxmunus arranged a professional, punctual and very knowledgeable resource to conduct this training.

Maxmunus did not interfere in the overall scheduling and daily sessions and gave the trainer the flexibility to lead and drive the training.

Sincerely appreciate the trainer for conducting this course. Thanks a lot.

Linkedin Testimonial Prasanna Ghanekar - Manhattan WMS

The trainer offers quality AWS training that was the most in-depth and comprehensive. I am especially glad to note that he came with extensive experience, knowledge and has the patience to make each one of us grasp even the tough concepts. I am so much thrilled about the course. Thanks for the excellent support of Maxmunus Team.

Linkedin Review ARUNPANDIYAN S - AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Training  so far has been really good. The trainer  has a very good knowledge on the subject and the way classes  have  been taken is  very informative and practical.  Looking forward to complete the  ceritifcations and hoping that  this training will  help to find some good  career oppurtunities.

Linkedin Review Prasanth S Nair - AWS (Amazon Web Services)


I have joined as a trainee of Linux certification training course from MaxMunus. The classes went as per my scheduled time. And finished my Linux training last week and my overall experience was good. The training was perfect and the trainer had good knowledge about the subject.  And covered all the related topics of Linux. Thanks to MaxMunus.

Linkedin Review Balaji G - Linux

This training is different from other online courses available in the market as it has extensive hands on session with practical example and also knowledge is shared how in Industry it is being used extensively . I recommend this training to anyone who wants to pursue his/her career in AWS Cloud journey.

Linkedin Review Ujjwal Prakash - AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Training is good. Lots of practical sessions and labs. Different scenarios and used cases shown practically.

Linkedin Review Jamsheer Siraj - AWS (Amazon Web Sevices)

Training is going good till now, I can confidentially say I have gained immense knowledge on AWS. Trainer himself is certified and very knowledgeable 

Trainer attends all the questions patiently and explains everything clear to the point regardless how many times you ask the same thing

Content of training also covers the relevant topic required in market; also the contents are explained clearly with practical knowledge.

Way to him, we feel satisfied for picking you up as our trainer.

Linkedin Review Veerabhadra Swamy - AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Overall the training is really good and the way trainer provided the insights on the concepts of AWS with respect to various real time examples really make me understand the concepts in a better way - I will certainly recommend my friends to join the course from Maxmunus.

Linkedin Testimonial Shailenkumar Mehta - AWS (Amazon Web Services)


I have attended AWS Solution Architect course. It was one of the best training i attended in my career. I got the practical 70% and theory 30% knowledge which i think best combination. I would really thankful to Maxmunus.Please keep up the good work. Thank you.

Linkedin Testimonials Basir Khan - AWS (Amazon Web Services)


Training has been good so far. He has excellent knowledge and teach very well.

Linkedin Testimonials Pradipta Ghosh - AWS (Amazon Web Services)

This was one of the best training ( Practical and theory ) attended by me. The trainer in particular has a in depth knowledge of the content and he knows what and how it needs to be taught. Really appreciate his effort.

Linkedin Testimonials Prashant Kumar - AWS (Amazon Web Services)

AWS Cloud faculty is an exceptional teacher at maxmunus solutions . He combines experience with knowledge. Other Training Institutes may offer just good training but maxmunus offers much more than just good training. It prepares you for the "Real World" and bridges the gap between the "Industry Expectations" and your own shortage of skills.. Any one looking for some real time , hands on training on Aws cloud just go and join maxmunus solutions.

Linkedin Testimonials Sharath Kumar - AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Training was good with hands on over various modules of AWS. Trainer has good command over topics and explained clearly about various scenarios. Several topics were discussed and could have been little slower as I am from totally a different background without knowledge into much of the IT infrastructure. Access to training videos and  slack of trainer is an added advantage for getting in touch with the other team and gaining continous knowledge.

Linkedin Testimonials MaheshBabu VJ - AWS (Amazon Web Services)

First of all I would like to thank to my friends who opted me Maxmunus  to learn azure training, Its wonderful & helpful to taking this training which promote my technical knowledge and expand my carrier opportunities.

The instructor is extremely Excellent. He is more knowledgeable , trained with material oriented, willing to help any student at anytime, with any clarifications. 

It should be helpful who is looking for taking up Azure Architect Certifications . Maxmunus's peoples are more acceptable in the way that timing and facilities.

Linkedin Testimonials Jeyakumar C - Azure


Training was Good. Got full cooperation from the faculty and Maxmunus staff. Special thanks to NOOR.

Linkedin Testimonials Abhra Mukherjee - Azure

The training sessions are really exciting. The course content covers each and every element that is required for real-time environment. The trainer has good presentation skills that make learners more comfortable. It really matches my expectation.

Linkedin Testimonials DileepKumar - Azure

It was wonderful a course. It helped me to complete one milestone in my carrier with AWS certification. Definitely the facility of the institute and course commitment is proper. All the best for the future classes.

Linkedin ReviewBharath G - AWS (Amazon Web Services)

I am very impressed with the way of teaching. You never hesitate me to give clarity to my questions. I am very happy. I believe I can do implement or support of Alfresco application by doing practice of recorded sessions. I am giving 5 star rating to your training. Keep move on....

And also please help me If I struck with Alfresco in Future.

Linkedin Profile Lellanagarjuna Reddy - Alfresco

I am 100% satisfied & Thanks for the wonderful training. I really appreciate all your efforts to straighten me up.

Once again thanks for answering all my questions each and every day thoroughly.

Hi Nitesh,

Thanks for introducing Kumar to me. I was my pleasure working with you both. Great service and support.

Linkedin review Babu Rajendaran-JDA WMS Training


Thanks the course was very nice I really enjoyed the trainer he is also quite flexible and very knowledgeable. 

Well done!!

Linkedin Review Maurice van Leeuwen-Veeva CRM Training