Oracle Demantra Training

Oracle Demantra Training

Oracle's Demantra is a best-in-class provider of demand management, sales & operations planning, and trade promotions management solutions.

Features & Benefits::

•Demantra Demand Management solution  which proactively respond to demand by sharing one- plan that aligns organization across all  departments .

•Demantra Demand Management helps to allow model new products based on the lifecycle of existing products.

•Demantra Real-time Sales & Operations Planning helps to provide day to day planning process for manager and planners. 

•It provides the foundation for a responsive sales and operation planning process that enables the current and emerging best practices in adaptive demand-driven planning.

•Demantra Predictive Trade Planning gives sophistication in volume forecasting, pre-event simulation, and post-event evaluation.

•It provides a comprehensive sales and account planning environment that allows account managers to manage all routine sales forecasting and account planning activities.

Course Information

Oracle Demantra Course Duration: 40 Hours

Oracle Demantra Training Timings: Week days 1-2 Hours per day (or) Weekends: 2-3 Hours per day

Oracle Demantra Training Method: Online/Classroom Training

Oracle Demantra Study Material: Soft Copy

Course Content

Demantra Concepts – Overview



•Worksheets – Worksheet Designer

•Collaborator Workbench




•Admin Tool – Business Modeler

Collaborator Workbench and Worksheet Implementation

•Collaborator Workbench Concepts

•Content Panes

•Worksheets Details

•Public Vs Private

•Worksheets and Views

•Editing, Saving and Retrieving Data

•Caching Worksheets

•Who’s Online?

•Hung Session

•Embedded Worksheets

•Worksheet Filters

•Open and Open With Context

•Demo on the System

Demantra Levels, Hierarchies and Dimensions Level Types

•Level Hierarchies

•Level Attributes

•Levels Editor

Adding a New Level

•Adding Level Members

•Demo on the System

•Demantra Series

•Series Data

•Server Expression

•Client Expression

•Series Editor

•Configuring Series

•Aggregation and Disaggregation

•Proportional Series

•Demo on the System

•Demantra Security and User Management

•Data Security

•User Maintenance

User Groups

•Component Maintenance

•Notes Security

•Menu Security for Collaborator Workbench and Worksheets

•Demo on the System

•Key Demantra Database Objects and New Product Introduction (NPI)

•Data Storage

•Key Tables

•Staging and Base Tables

•Demo on the system

•Demantra New Product Introduction

•NPI overview

•Member Management

•Chaining Management

•Shape Modelling

•Demo on the System

•Demantra Analytical Engine and System Parameters

•Overview of Analytical engine

•Demantra Forecasting Ideology

•Casual Factors Introduction

•Analytical Engine Modes (DP and PE)

•Batch Engine

•Simulation Engine

•Forecasting Models

•Nodal Tuning

•Forecast Tree

•Key Engine Parameters

•Demo on the System

•Demantra Data Model Wizard

•Demantra Data Model

•Demantra Integration Overview

•Data Model Creation and Configuration

•Staging Tables Configuration

•Demo on the System

•Integration Interface Wizard / Integration Between Demantra and Oracle E-Business Suite

•Understanding the Integration Interface Wizard

•Creation of Import and Export Profiles

•Importing and Exporting Data

•Demo on the System

•Demantra and Oracle E-Business Suite Integration

•Setup and Process Flow

•Demand Management System Administrator Responsibility

•Data Collections Process

•Collections – Standard Collection

•Collections – Shipment and Booking History

•Workflow – EBS Full Download

Demantra Predictive Trade Planning (PTP) Overview

•Predictive Trade Planning Module

•Introduction to PTP

•Process Flow Diagram

•Quotas, Funds and Promotions

•Planning Environment

•Running Simulations

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