Course Information

Oracle ADF Course Duration:  30 Hours

Oracle ADF Training Timings:  Week days 1-2 Hours per day (or) Weekends: 2-3 Hours per day

Oracle ADF Training Method:  Online/Classroom Training

Oracle ADF Study Material:  Soft Copy


Course Content

JDeveloper Introduction

  • What is Framework?
  • Prerequisite
  • Useful Resources

Introduction to Application Development Framework

Introduction to ADF Architecture

  • JSF Introduction
  • Model-View-Controller Architecture
  • JDeveloper's MVC Architecture

Applications, Projects And Files

  • Applications
  • Projects
  • Creating Files


  • Install necessary softwares and install the sample application

Applications, Projects And Files - continued

  • Working Sets

Introduction to ADF Business Components

  • ADF Business Components
  • Creating ADF components
  • Files Created with each ADF Business Components

ADF Entity Objects

  • Key Features
  • Jdev Wizard

ADF View Objects

  • Key Features
  • Jdev Wizard
  • Updatable access through entity objects
  • Read-only access through SQL query

ADF Application Modules

  • Key Features
  • Jdev Wizard

ADF Associations

  • Key Features
  • Jdev Wizard

ADF View Links

  • Key Features
  • Jdev Wizard

Basics of Create/Read/Update/Delete transactions


Testing ADFbc from  Application Modules

Introduction to UI Technologies - JSF and AD Faces

JSF Navigation, Event Handling and JSF Lifecycle

  • Managed Beans

ADF Faces Navigation, LifeCycle

Expression Language

ADF Binding Layer

  • ADF Model Layer Terminology & Classes
  • Accessing the ADF Model Layer in a Managed Bean


  • Unbounded task flows
  • Bounded task flows

Adding Functionality to Page

  • Using component facets
  • Displaying tabular data in tables
  • Displaying text or media with icons and images
  • Defining search forms and display results
  • Popups
  • LOVs
  • PPR
  • Templates

ADF Faces Rich Client

  • Working with ADF Faces RC Pages
  • Working with an ADF Faces RC Component Tree
  • Working with EL, Bindings and Page Definition

Working with the ADF Bindings

Deploying ADF BC Applications

Overview of security

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