I appreciate your patience answering all questions I asked during the class. You explained everything good. 

I like the way you troubleshoot problems. Looks like what I do but you have a lot more experience. I found I am not alone in my troubles.

Now I have general idea what the main goals of the RP WMS are, and I have general guidelines what to look for when something goes wrong in the outbound process. I am not afraid of touching policies/rules because now I know more about the dependencies(especially when I have separate test instance :) ). 

Thank you guys and I hope we'll keep in touch. 

 Marin Atanasov- RedPrairie


Thanks we covered lots of material within a short time in a more clear and precise way.I have more technical knowledge on the Redprairie side than before.

 Alphonce Aboge-RedPrairie

It was very useful class with lot of informative content. You put effort to ensure that the topics and concepts covered is well understood. Thank you.

 Jaideep Vasudevan-RedPrairie

Thanks the training was very good and the trainer is very knowledgeable. I would recommend to other people in the future.

 Paul Greig-RedPrairie

I completed my training on Oct 20th. It was good training by the trainer. I learnt well from him. I recommend this liferay training to all.Thanks to Maxmunus.

 Venkat Panduranga-Liferay


We have completed RedPrairie training tonight.He's a great Trainer...and I truly enjoyed his classes.I would definitely recommend him to someone else or take him for another class in future.

Thank you, Sangita, for staying faithful to ensure I got the training I needed.

 Edwin Mimba-RedPrairie JDA

We have finished the training. It was very useful, detailed, The trainer is a great. Thanks to him, now I understand Veeva CRM and I'm totally prepared for Veeva CRM exam!

Excellent note from my side! I was very pleased with this training!

 Sasha Savic-Veeva CRM

The trainer has very good knowledge on the subject. Most importantly throughout the session, he has been very energetic and delivered the best to explain. The best part is he was proactively clarifying the areas whenever he used to feel we are not clear.He was well versed with the subject, very patient in answering queries and good at sharing his own work experience.

 Shrabani Pattnaik-Manhattan WMS