Course Information

IBM Transformation Extender Course Duration: 32 Hours

IBM Transformation Extender Training Timings: Week days 1-2 Hours per day (or) Weekends: 2-3 Hours per day

IBM Transformation Extender Training Method: Instructor Led Online Training

IBM Transformation Extender Study Material: Soft Copy

Course Content

1. IBM Transformation Extender product overview

2. Eclipse workbench fundamentals

  • Defining workspaces and projects

3. Defining the data

  • Defining the data

4. Defining properties

  • Defining item and group properties

5. Defining components

  • Completing the type tree

6. Validating data definitions

  • Creating a validation map

7. Type Tree Importer

  • Using the COBOL Copybook Importer to create the Type Tree

8. Building more validation into type tree

  • Adding restriction lists and component rules
  • Validation concept review

9. More about mapping

  • Indexing an output

10. Functional maps

  • File to file transformation
  • Using ASFUNCTION with functional map

11. More efficient mapping

  • Extracting data by using the EXTRACT function and partitions
  • Using the COUNT and SUM functions
  • Creating a second output file
  • Mapping from COBOL to XML

12. Error handling

  • Error handling and logging

13. Resource Registry

  • Using the Resource Registry

14. Database Interface Designer basics

  • Creating a database query file
  • Implementing database lookup and inserting data
  • Retrieving data from database

15. Map optimization

  • Using the Map Profiler
  • Configuring card and map settings

16. Map deployment

  • Generating platform-independent compiled maps

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