MSBI Training

This MSBI training will cover all 3 MSBI tools which is mentioned below:

SSIS – SQL Server Integration Services – Integration tool.

SSAS – SQL Server Analytical Services -Analysis tool.

SSRS – SQL Server Reporting Services – Reporting tool.

The first tool is SSIS which is the ETL tool that helps to work with disparate data like Excel sheet, SQL Server data and convert it into a common format through the various techniques of extract, transform and load operations on data.

The second tool is the data analysis tool SSAS which is used to make analyze and parse all that data so that business value can be derived from it. It is an online analytical processing tool that helps to work with streaming data and analyze it to help businesses gain competitive advantage.

The third and final tool is the front-end of the business intelligence which is where all the magic happens. All that data is converted into visually appealing graphs, charts and reports so that anybody in the organization can make sense of all that data in order to take timely data-driven decisions on a continuous basis.

Few of the clients we have served across industries are:

DHL | PWC | ATOS | TCS | KPMG | Momentive | Tech Mahindra | Kellogg's | Bestseller | ESSAR | Ashok Leyland | NTT Data | HP | SABIC | Lamprell | TSPL | Neovia | NISUM and many more.

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Course Information

MSBI Course Duration: 35 Hours

MSBI Training Timings: Week days 1-2 Hours per day (or) Weekends: 2-3 Hours per day

MSBI Training Method: Online/Classroom Training

MSBI Study Material: Soft Copy

Course Content

SQL Server Development

  • SQL Server database Overview.
  • Different Types of Keys (PK and FK)
  • What is DDL, DML
  • Data Types
  • What are Constraints (Identity, Unique, Check, NULL, Default)
  • Aggregates
  • Where
  • Group by
  • Having
  • Temp tables
  • Table Variables
  • Usage of While loop & if conditions
  • Select, Distinct, Top, (Ranking, Scalar Functions, Date Functions)
  • Exception handling
  • Transactions – DONE
  • Joins – 1
  • Sub Queries
  • Views
  • CTE – DONE
  • Cursor
  • Stored Procedures
  • User Defined Functions (String, Table value, Cross Apply)
  • Triggers

SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services)

  • Control Flow
  • Data Flow
  • Precedence constraint
  • Sequence Container
  • Annotation
  • Data viewer
  • OLEDB Source
  • Execute SQL Task
  • Data conversion / Type Cast
  • Audit
  • Variables with default values
  • Dynamic loading of Excel files into SQL target
  • Multicast
  • Union all
  • Character Map
  • Derived
  • Conditional Split
  • Flat File Destination
  • Merge join
  • OLEDB Command
  • SCD (type 1, type 2)
  • Cache transformation (target is cashed)
  • Control Flow Components
  • Sequence Containers
  • For each loop
  • Bulk Insert Task
  • File system Task
  • FTP Task
  • Script task Script Component
  • Send Mail Task
  • Execute SQL task result
  • ERROR Output in DF
  • Execute SQL task with parameter and with result
  • Execute package
  • Data Profiler
  • Web Service
  • Message Quies
  • Execute process
  • Breakpoints
  • Checkpoints (restart ability)
  • Logging
  • Deployment
  • Configurations

SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services)

  • Introduction to SSRS
  • Architecture of SSRS
  • What is Report Server
  • What is Report Manager
  • Creating Reports using Wizards
  • Creating reports using BIDS
  • What are Data sources
  • What are Shared Data sources
  • Types of Reports (Table and Matrix)
  • Parameterized report
  • Multi-valued Parameterized Reports
  • Drill Down report
  • Page break concept
  • AdHock Report / Wizards – DONE
  • Cascading report
  • Drill through Report / hyperlink report / jump report / navigation report
  • Rectangle Report
  • Chart report and its properties
  • Sub report
  • Gauge
  • Map Reports
  • Report Subscription and Scheduling
  • Report Manager Operations
  • Edit Report
  • Move / Delete Report
  • Linked Report
  • Cashed / Execution Report

SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Server)

  • Introduction to SSAS
  • Schemas
  • Star Schema
  • Snowflake Schema
  • Types of Relationships Concepts
  • Data source
  • Data source views
  • Options in DSV
  • Dimension
  • Measures
  • Cube Creation
  • Build
  • Deploy
  • Process
  • How to Brows the CUBE
  • Types Of Relationships inside CUBE
  • No relationship
  • Regular Relationship
  • Fact Relation
  • Referenced Relationship
  • Hierarchies and Performance Tuning Technique
  • What are KPI’s and How to Create KPI’s in SSAS
  • What are Perspective and how to create
  • What are Partitions
  • What are Translations
  • What are Actions
  • What are Calculations
  • Aggregations and Different types of Creations
  • Storage design – ROLAP, MOLAP , HOLAP
  • How to use Cube in Excel
  • MDX Queries

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