Datastage Training

This DataStage training enables the project administrators and ETL developers to acquire the skills necessary to develop parallel jobs in DataStage. This DataStage training will start by covering data Warehousing concepts like Data Acquisition, Data Cleansing, Data Scrubbing, Data Merging, OLTP&OLAP etc and then explain you about types of ETL Tools & Reporting Tools etc.

Then in the next part of the training will give the Introduction to Data Stage where you will learn its features, Ascential suite, Partition & Pipeline parallelism, IBM Web Sphere DataStage&Quality Stage 8.7 Architecture and other related topics. After that this DataStage training will explian you about Data Stage8.7 where you will be explained about Differences between 7.5X2 & 8.7, Parallel Processing environments (SMP, MPP), Information Analyzer Overview and other related topics. 

The next section of this training will cover about Types of Jobs in DataStage and Stages where you will be explained about Difference between server & parallel jobs, Overview of Parallel jobs, Server jobs, Mainframe jobs, migration jobs and job sequencing, Repository, DS Designer toolbar & Palette, Active and Passive stages.

Further this DataSatge training will also cover File Stages, Development Debugging Stages, Relational Stages and Processing Stages. This training wil also cover Real Time & Restructure Stages & Importing & Exporting Data Stage Components, Performance Tuning, Job Control & Job Sequencing Stages. You will be explained about Introduction to Information Analyzer, Quality Stage Stages and Introduction About Web console.

When it comes to Corporate Training, we can say proudly that we have received excellent feedback and appreciation from our corporate clients across the globe. You can reach us for DataStage corporate training and we can even cutomize the training content as per your requirement.

Few of the clients we have served across industries are:

DHL | PWC | ATOS | TCS | KPMG | Momentive | Tech Mahindra | Kellogg's | Bestseller | ESSAR | Ashok Leyland | NTT Data | HP | SABIC | Lamprell | TSPL | Neovia | NISUM and many more.

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Course Information

Datastage Course Duration: 30 Hours

Datastage Training Timings: Week days 1-2 Hours per day (or) Weekends: 2-3 Hours per day

Datastage Training Method: Online/Classroom Training

Datastage Study Material: Soft Copy

Course Content

DataStage Training Course Content


Data Warehousing Concepts

  • What is Data Warehouse
  • Enterprise DWH Database Evaluation
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Scrubbing
  • Data Merging
  • Types of ETL Tools & Reporting Tools
  • Tables in Data Warehouse
  • Dimension Tables &Fact Tables
  • SCD Type-I, SCD Type-II, SCD Type-III
  • Types of Schemas
  • Data Quality& Data Profiling
  • B-Tree Index& Bit Map Index
  • Differences Between OLTP &Data Warehouse
  • ETL Project Life Cycle


Introduction to DataStage

  • History and Features
  • About Ascential suite
  • Traditional Batch Processing
  • Partition & Pipeline parallelism
  • Partitioning & Re-Partitioning Techniques
  • Combining & Collecting Techniques
  • IBM Web Sphere DataStage&Quality Stage 8.7 Architecture
  • Configuration File & Node Components


About Data Stage8.7

  • Differences between 7.5X2 & 8.7
  • Parallel Processing environments (SMP, MPP)
  • Information Analyzer Overview
  • DataStage & DataStage Quality stage overview
  • Web Console for Information Server


Types of Jobs in Data stage and Stages

  • Difference between server & parallel jobs
  • Overview of Parallel jobs, Server jobs, Mainframe jobs, migration jobs and job sequencing jobs
  • Repository, DS Designer toolbar & Palette
  • Active and Passive stages


File Stages

  • Sequential file Stage
  • Data Set
  • File set & lookup File set
  • Differences between Dataset, File set & Sequential file stage
  • Complex flat file


Development Debugging Stages

  • Row Generator
  • Column Generator
  • Head Stage
  • Tail Stage
  • Sample Stage
  • Peek Stage


Relational Stages

  • Oracle Enterprise
  • ODBC Enterprise
  • Dynamic RDBMS
  • DB2 or UDB Enterprise
  • DB2 Connector
  • Dynamic RDBMS
  • ODBC connector


Processing Stages

  • Aggregator
  • Change Apply
  • Change Capture
  • Compare
  • Compress
  • Copy
  • Decode
  • Difference
  • Encode
  • Expand
  • Filter
  • Funnel
  • Join
  • Look up
  • Merge
  • Modify
  • Pivot
  • Remove Duplicate
  • External Filter
  • Sort
  • Surrogate Key Generator
  • Switch
  • Transformer
  • FTP
  • SCD


Real Time & Restructure Stages& Importing &Exporting Data Stage Components

  • XML Input & XML output stage
  • Column Export and Column Import Stage
  • Importing jobs &Exporting jobs
  • Parameter set
  • Table Definitions


Performance Tuning

  • Environmental Variables
  • Portioning Techniques
  • Techniques for Job Development
  • Data Rules stage
  • Local Container &Shared Container


Job Control & Job Sequencing Stages

  • Job Activity
  • Execute Command Activity
  • Notification Activity
  • Terminator Activity
  • Wait for file Activity
  • End Loop Activity
  • Start loop Activity
  • Sequencer


Introduction About Information Analyzer

  • Column Analysis
  • Base Line Analysis
  • Key Analysis
  • Cross Domain Analysis
  • Data rules &Rule Sets& Bench Mark


Quality Stage Stages

  • Investigate
  • Standardize
  • Data Rules stage
  • Match Frequency
  • AVI Stage
  • Creating User defined rule sets


Introduction About Web console

  • Creating Users in Web Console
  • Assigning List of suite components to the users
  • Creating Users
  • Creating Group

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