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In today’s IT World Company’s workforce is spread across the globe. The benefits of this scenario are great. It comes to companies with challenges and responsibilities. Decreased turnover and absenteeism, improved retention, cost reduction, and access to a larger pool of talent are some of the major benefits to the company. While increased flexibility, more independence, and a better work-life balance are some of the major benefits to employees. Managing remote teams training is required for the success of the Manager.

Only smartphones, Wi-Fi, and webcams will not serve the purpose for virtual teams. Effective communication, teamwork, trust, motivation, goal setting, and effective task allocation is the need of the hour. And all of it can be achieved by Managing remote teams training.

This Managing remote teams training positions manager of a remote workforce for success.

Learning Outcome for the Managing remote teams training:

•           Effective Communication, Collaboration & Team Work – Barriers and Solutions

•           Understanding key attributes for a home worker. Potential for stress, anxiety, and isolation and dealing with them.

•           Identify tools and techniques to measure effectiveness and performance

•           Virtual Team Framework: understanding the framework and its application.

•           Building remote organizational culture and foundation strategy to for execution to remote transformation.

•           Rules of engagement: Eg. Use of Video Conference, IM, etc in terms of timing and priority.

Communication Technology Option in Managing remote teams training:

Email alone is insufficient. Video Conferencing, Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams plus various connecting tools and techniques are required for measurement of effectiveness and performance of the team. Details will be discussed in Managing remote teams training.

Managing Virtual Customers via Managing remote teams training:

Managing remote teams training will make Action Plan for all customer-facing team members to implement to become trusted partners with customers. Communication (especially packaging of the message) can get better. Customer engagement and effective building partnership with Customer has a scope of improvement. Participants will be customer-facing team members in the role of Analyst, Architects and Product Managers, etc.

Opportunity with Managing remote teams training:

Managing Remote Teams is the sole responsibility of a manager. Being the manager of remote team, your main responsibility is to encourage all the team members, guide and support team which is a challenge in itself. A Remote Team is a set of professionals from different time zones, varied skills, and different cultures working together on a combined project. Each of the team members working from different locations, living in different cities, and working across time and space has to be managed by a manager. Remote work is one thing and managing the remote team is another challenge for any manager. Remote work is rapidly becoming the norm for all the IT professionals. Managers face a lot of challenges while managing a remote team like lacking the right communication tool, hiring the right resources, assigning tasks & schedules, tough to track employee performance, lack of interaction among the team members etc. Managing remote teams training course is best fit for group managers, business managers, and anyone who has to work regularly with scattered groups of people.

Managing remote teams training customization is possible.

Customization of Managing Remote Teams Course Content as per Company’s project requirement.

Our Managing remote teams training program will help corporate employees to start working on the project from day one after the training completion in remote conditions. The whole team will become one unit and they start focusing on the success goal of the client.

Industry-Specific Subject Matter Experts will provide Managing remote teams training for specific needs of corporate.

Flexibility to select corporate the trainer and have a live video session with the trainer before Managing remote teams training actually, start.

MaxMunus will provide a step-by-step progress assessment of employees.

Complete Customization of Managing remote teams training’s course content is possible for Corporate. Our consultant will teach on a real-time scenario-based case. When it comes to Managing Remote Teams Corporate Training, we can say proudly that we have received excellent feedback and appreciation from our corporate clients across the globe. You can reach us for Managing Remote Teams corporate training and we can even customize the training content as per your requirement.

 Few of the clients we have served across industries are:

DHL | PWC | ATOS | TCS | KPMG | Momentive | Tech Mahindra | Kellogg's | Bestseller | ESSAR | Ashok Leyland | NTT Data | HP | SABIC | Lamprell | TSPL | Neovia | NISUM and many more.

MaxMunus has successfully conducted 1000+ corporate training in Bangalore / Bengaluru, India, Finland,  Sweden, Germany, USA, UK, Netherlands, Ireland, Austria, Israel, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Belgium, Poland, Hong Kong, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Denmark, Bahrain, JAPAN, South Korea, UAE, Switzerland,  Kuwait,  Spain, United Kingdom, Russia, Czech Republic, China, Belarus, Luxembourg

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