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Kubernetes Training, Kubernetes Online Training

Docker is the world’s leading software containerization platform. It packages your application into one standardised unit, wrapping it into a complete file system that contains everything needed to run on a server. Kubernetes is a system created by Google to automate the deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications (like the ones Docker creates). The two combined make life a breeze for anyone needing to transport, install and maintain complex software applications anywhere.

Who should attend?

This course is designed mainly for Fresher’s, Developers, QA engineers, Release/Deployment engineers, System admins, Database admins, Technical managers, Technical leads and Operational support staff of software development teams who aspires to become a DevOps Engineer.

Goals & Objectives:

Docker dramatically changed (for the better) the lives of those who transfer, install and manage software applications on a regular basis. It made the process much less complicated and virtually eliminated any stress involved. Now, Kubernetes has made the whole thing even easier (yes, it’s possible). Want to learn how to containerize your application and then automate it from start to finish? This is the course for you.

  • Install Docker and a Kubernetes cluster from scratch 
  • Learn how to run and manage containers effectively 
  • Create Kubernetes pods, deployments and services 
  • Build Docker images and configure Docker Hub from scratch 
  • Deploy a multi-component software application efficiently and easily
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Course Information

Docker Training Duration: 14 Hours

Docker Training Method: Classroom Training / Instructor Led Online Training

Docker Study Material: Soft Copy



This course is for complete beginners as well intermediate and expert users. There is no prior knowledge needed, but a dev/ops/cloud/Linux/networks background will definitely help.

The course optionally uses Kubernetes on AWS. If you want to learn more about AWS itself, you will need to read some AWS documentation or take another AWS course. The course only explains how to use Kubernetes on AWS, it doesn't explain how to use AWS itself. Still, all steps that you need to follow are explained in this course.


  • Students will receive the complete set of slides and recommendations for related papers and reference materials.
  • Additionally students will receive the recorded videos of the classes.


Instructor Led Online/Classroom Kubernetes Training

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Course Content

Module I: Getting Started

  • World of Microservices
  • What is Docker?
  • Installing Docker
  • Docker Hub
  • Introduction to Kubernetes


Module II: Working with Docker

  • Deep Dive into Docker architecture
  • Running containers
  • Creating Images using Docker
  • Managing Ports with container deployment
  • Introduction to YAML


Module III: Kubernetes Setup & Configuration

  • Packages and Dependencies 
  • Install and Configure Master Controller 
  • Install and Configure the Minions 
  • Kubectl: Exploring our Environment 
  • Installing Kubernetes - Master Server 
  • Installing Kubernetes - Minions / Nodes


Module IV: Pods, Tags and Services

  • Create and Deploy Pod Definitions
  • Tags, Labels and Selectors
  • Deployment State
  • Multi-Pod (Container) Replication Controller
  • Create and Deploy Service Definitions
  • Creating Pod Definitions
  • Labeling Your Pod Definition


Module V: Logs, Scaling and Recovery

  • Creating Temporary Pods at the Command line
  • Interacting with Pod Container
  • Logs, Autoscaling and Scaling our Pods
  • Failure and Recovery
  • Running a Command in Your Pod Containers

Online Job Support

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