Course Information

Docker Training Duration: 14 Hours

Docker Training Method: Classroom Training / Instructor Led Online Training

Docker Study Material: Soft Copy


Course Objective

Objective of this course is to introduce students to the Devops culture & be familiarized with all the latest DevOps tools which are essential for the Automation.  After the completion of DevOps course, you will be able to: 

  • Learn basics of Docker and manage containers
  • Discuss containerization and various operations performed on it
  • Introduce yourself to the Docker File and Docker Hub and how to create Docker images
  • Discuss in detail about the configuration of the Docker daemon
  • Learn the various networking mechanisms available in Docker
  • Introduce several tools that leverage Docker to ease application deployment, continuous integration, service discovery, and orchestration
  • Learn to deploy various Containers & orchestrate cluster of containers


This course does not assume familiarity with any of the technologies on which we’re training. We do assume a basic understanding of what VMs are as well as a little familiarity with Linux.


Instructor Led Online/Classroom Docker Training

Flexible Time At Your Convenience

Over 1,00,000+ Professionals Trained Across 100 Countries

24x7 Live Support via Chat, Mail and Phone 

Corporate Training and On-Job Support

Course Content

Module I: Basics of Docker

Introduction to Docker and their Use Cases

Containers Vs. Virtual Machines

How Docker Works : Docker Architecture

Docker Hub

Understanding Components

Discussion on Using Container to build MicroServices

Docker Installation and Management


Module II: Container Management

Creating Our First container

Running Container Commands With Docker

Starting, Stopping, Attaching, Deleting Containers

Looking Inside of Containers 

Low-level Container Info

Docker daemon logs, Container logs, statistics & events


Module III: Docker Images

Understanding Docker Images

Creating Images from Containers

Building Images Interactively using containers

Dockerfile& its various Instructions 

Data Volumes & Port redirection

Deploying a Registry server

Practical examples of Docker Image use cases


Module IV: Microservice& Docker Compose

Understanding Microservice Architecture

Dockercompose& configuration file

Composing services

Build & Scale applications with Docker Compose


Module V: Networking in a Docker cluster

Module Intro 

The docker0 Bridge 

Virtual Ethernet Interfaces 

Network Configuration Files 

Exposing Ports 

Viewing Exposed Ports 

Linking Containers


Module VI: Orchestrating Docker

Understating Docker Swarm: native clustering for Docker containers

Swarm installation & setup

Swarm components

Swarm manage process

Scheduling Containers

Random and bin packaging

Discovery services

Overview of Kubernetes

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