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Ansible Training, Ansible Online Training

Mastering Ansible is a step-by-step journey of learning Ansible for configuration management and orchestration.

The course is designed as a journey through configuring a realistic application stack from the ground up. Instead of going page-by-page through the Ansible documentation, topics are ordered to align with the growing complexity of our application as we build it up and refactor it.

In addition to the core concepts of configuration with Ansible, we spend time on building tools to help us maintain and troubleshoot our application. The goal is to have a workflow where all of the configuration and troubleshooting is done through Ansible playbooks that can be committed to a repository and improved over time.

Who should attend?

This course is designed mainly for Fresher’s, Developers, QA engineers, Release/Deployment engineers, System admins, Database admins, Technical managers, Technical leads and Operational support staff of software development teams who aspires to become a DevOps Engineer.

Goals & Objectives:

This course is not just designed as an introduction to Ansible, but also as a guide for engineers interested in configuration management, orchestration, infrastructure-as-code, and devops principles. For each lecture, we introduce a new Ansible concept and apply it to our playbooks. For most lectures, we execute the new concept in the demo environment so you can see what the output should look like. 

  • Execute ad-hoc commands against servers using Ansible
  • Configure Ansible roles with tasks, handlers, files, templates, and default variables
  • Test and troubleshoot Ansible playbook execution.
  • Optimize Ansible playbooks using different worflow
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Course Information

Ansible Training Duration: 14 Hours

Ansible Training Method: Classroom Training / Instructor Led Online Training

Ansible Study Material: Soft Copy



This course does not assume familiarity with any of the technologies on which we’re training. We do assume a basic understanding of Linux is essential.


  • Students will receive the complete set of slides and recommendations for related papers and reference materials.
  • Additionally students will receive the recorded videos of the classes.


Instructor Led Online/Classroom Ansible Training

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Course Content

Module I: Ansible Introduction

  • Configuration Management & Orchestration
  • Install & Setup Ansible on server and nodes
  • Inventory : Host, Group variables
  • Writing and creating dynamic inventory
  • Running Ansible ad-hoc commands


Module II: Playbooks

  • Introduction to Playbook & Yaml files
  • Anatomy of a playbook : plays, tasks, modules
  • Defining, registering variables 
  • Built-in variables and setting variables on command line
  • Facts : Viewing all and subset of facts
  • Handlers & notification
  • Outlining your playbook
  • Dry run playbook
  • Filters, patterns specifying hosts.
  • Encrypting Sensitive Data with Vault


Module III: Advanced Execution

  • Asynchronous Actions & polling
  • Running one host at a time
  • Loops & Conditions
  • Wait for a condition
  • Tags
  • Idempotence Changed_when and failed_when


Module IV: Modular Configuration with Roles

  • Roles overview
  • Converting to Roles: tasks, variables, handlers
  • Roles – Pre & Post tasks
  • Roles – Conditional Execution


Module V: Modules

  • Understand different modules
  • System modules - copy, yum, apt, pip, service, raw, command
  • File modules – File, template, lineinfile
  • Cloud modules – AWS EC2, S3

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