Course Information

WS Course Duration: 40 Hours

AWS Training Method: Online/Classroom Training

AWS Study Material: Soft 


Course Content

Course Overview

What Is AWS

Understanding the Core Services of AWS

Enhancing Your App with AWS Databases and Application Services

Harnessing the Power of AWS from the Command Line to Code

Understanding Virtual Networking on AWS

In-depth VPC Configuration

Working with Security Groups and NACLs

Understanding and Configuring VPC Access

EC2 Instance Types

Installing Ubuntu Linux and CentOS Linux

Installing and Updating Docker

Major Docker Components

A Closer Look at Images and Containers

Container Management

Building from a Dockerfile

Working with Registries

Diving Deeper with Dockerfile

Docker Networking

Amazon S3 Website Hosting

Configuring Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)

Configuring Auto Scaling

Configuring Route 53

Working with Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Monitoring with Amazon CloudWatch and Trusted Advisor

RDS HA and Load Sharing

Understanding Backup Options

Sounding the Alarm with IAM and Cloudwatch

Getting Inside the Virtual Machine with EC2 and VPC

Hosting All the Things with S3

Securing Access to S3 Object Storage

Securing Content Access with CloudFront

A Tale of Two Databases with DynamoDB and RDS

Automating Your App with Elastic Beanstalk and CloudFormation

Speeding Up with CloudFront and ElastiCache

Getting Started with CloudWatch

Monitoring with Custom CloudWatch Metrics

Creating CloudWatch Alarms

Monitoring API Calls with CloudTrail

Monitoring Log Files with CloudWatch

Working with CloudWatch Events

Problems That DevOps Solves

Making a DevOps Transition

Introducing DevOps Automation

Architecting for High Availability and Scalability

Understanding Auto Scaling

Implementing Scalable and Highly Available Databases

Key Features

Instructor Led/Classroom AWS Online Training

Flexible Time At Your Convenience

Over 1,00,000+ Professionals Trained Across 100 Countries

24x7 Live Support via Chat, Mail and Phone

Corporate Training and On-Job Support

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AWS training was outstanding and covered things in details. I am very happy with the outcome of the training. The trainer has very deep knowledge about the subject and training delivery was flawless. I would recommend this AWS training to everyone who wants to shift their career in AWS.

Rajiv S- AWS (Amazon Web Services)

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