Course Information

Tableau Desktop Course Duration: 35 Hours

Tableau Desktop Training Timings:  Week days 1-2 Hours per day (or) Weekends: 2-3 Hours per day

Tableau Desktop Training Method:  Instructor-led Online Training/Classroom Training

Tableau Desktop Study Material:  Soft Copy

Course Content

Session I


                Data Visulization 


Tableau Prerequisite

Tableau Overview - Features

Tableau vs Other tools

Course content summary

Career Path

Course Features

Tableau Software and Information

Session II

                Sql Overview and Practice Session

                SQL RDBMS Concepts

Create Table, Alter table, Generate Primary Keys

Select, filter  and Sorting data

Insert, Update and Delete Data

Top | Like |Group By | Having Clause

Joins, Union and Union all

Create Views

Operators | Temporary Tables | Clone Tables

Sub Queries | Handling Duplicates | Useful Functions

Student Exercises: Practice Questions - Sql Queries - Using MySQL Database

 Session III

                Getting Started

                Tableau Product Catalog

Tableau Architecture Overview

Quick Start: Tableau Desktop

Desktop - Overview

Report creation demo

Chart type Selections - Best Practices

Dashboard creation demo

Connecting to various data sources

Building Views - Manually and Automatically

Save and Share your workbook

Student Exercises: Practice Question # 1 - Database and accessing tables

Practice Question # 2 - Text Tables

Practice Question # 3 - Bar graph

Session IV

                Data Views

                Working with Multiple Data Sources -Data Blending

Create Custom Relationships

Edit and Define Relationships

Joining tables

Extract Data

Managing Queries

Building Data Views

Pivot Data (from Columns to Rows)

Split a Field into Multiple Fields

Student Exercises: Practice Question # 1 - Line Charts

Practice Question # 2 - Scatter Plots

Practice Question # 3 - Pie Charts

Practice Question # 4 - Heat Maps

Practice Question # 5 - Bullet graph

Session V

                Data Views II



Data Sorting

Creating Groups




Using Multiple Measures

Creating Bins

Student Exercises: Practice Question # 1 - Packed Bubble Charts

Practice Question # 2 - Map Views

Practice Question # 3 - Creating Key Progress Indicators (KPIs)

Practice Question # 4 - Using - Survery Data

Session VI 

                Advanced Analysis

                Dashboards - Create and Organize Dashboards

Joining Tables Vs Data Blending



Reference Lines, Bands, Distributions, and Boxes

Organizing Dashboards

Data Story

Student Exercises: Practice Question # 1 - Data Blending Practice scenario

Practice Question # 2 - Control Charts

Practice Question # 3 - Dual Axis Chart

Practice Question # 4 - Combination Chart

Practice Question # 5 - Grouped Bar Chart

Session VII

                Advanced Analysis

                Generating Totals

Maps - View, Geographic Roles

Custom geocoding,Background Maps

Creating Parameters

Background Images

Trend Lines

Student Exercises: Practice Question # 1 - Adding Totals to Stacked Bars

Practice Question # 2 - Dynamic Reference Lines

Practice Question # 3 - Context filters

Practice Question # 4 - Marimekko Charts

Practice Question # 5 - Rolling  calculation

Section VIII

                Functions & Operators

                Functions, Operators

Checking Performance

Tableau Server Overview - Desktop Integration

Data Security

Trouble Shooting

Keyboard Shortcuts  - Reference Guide

Student Exercises: Practice Question # 1 - Panel Charts

Practice Question # 2 - Pocket Price waterfall

Practice Question # 3 - Slope chart

Practice Question # 4 - Run Charts

Practice Question # 5 - Adding Actions to Dashboards

Section IX


                Multiple Data Sources into One View

Global Filter

Actions to Dashboards

Summary and detail together

Student Exercises: Scenario-Practice Question # 1  - Benfords Law

Scenario-Practice Question # 2 - Pocket Price waterfall

Scenario-Practice Question # 3 - Slope chart

Scenario-Practice Question # 4 - Run Charts

Scenario-Practice Question # 5 - Adding Actions to Dashboards

Section X


                Bin Measures

Combo Charts Preparation

Area Charts


Secondary Axes

Student Exercises: Sample Case Study - I

Section XI

                Publishing Data

                Publishing and Sharing

Save workbooks to Tableau Public

Publishing Data Sources

Exporting Data

Exporting workbooks | Packaged Workbooks


Student Exercises: Scenario-Practice Question # 1 - Combining Start & End Dates into a Single Axis

Scenario-Practice Question # 2 - Quadrant Chart

Scenario-Practice Question # 3 - Creating Sparklines

Scenario-Practice Question # 4 -Filtering Across Multiple Data Sources

Scenario-Practice Question # 5 -Navigation to other Dashboards                

Section XII

                Case Study II

                Interview Questions

       Sample Data  - Requirements -Dashboard & Reports

Case Study 1 Analysis

Request For Demo