Course Information

Tableau Admin Course Duration: 35 Hours

Tableau Admin Training Timings: Week days 1-2 Hours per day (or) Weekends: 2-3 Hours per day

Tableau Admin Training Method: Instructor Led Online Training/Classroom Training

Tableau Admin Study Material: Soft Copy

Course Content

Session I

       Overview/Getting Started

                Data Visulization Introduction

Tableau Prerequisite

Tableau Overview - Features

"Tableau Server Architecture                    

                           - Component Functions

                          - Server Diagrams"

Tableau Server Installation Checklist

End-User Abilities

Session II

                Install and Configure

                Tableau Server Installation Checklist

Server Installation Steps

"Configuration Options      

                        -Activate Tableau 

                       -Data Connections

                      -Alerts and Subscriptions

                      -Configure Kerberos"

Trouble shooting  during installation

Add and Admin Account

Reconfiguration - Tableau Server

Student Exercise: Install Tableau Server and Configure

Session III

                User Experience

                Exploring Server Content Types and Objects

Setting the Start Page

Distributed Environment Overview and setup

Work with Server - Sites

Setting Up Projects

Creating groups

Creating Users and assigning credentials

Scheduled Refresh Tasks and Subscriptions

Administrative Views

Interact with Views

Student Exercises: Practice Question # 1 : Creating Users and Groups

Practice Question # 2 : Schedule data refresh tasks

Practice Question # 3 : Create Custom Administrative Views

Session IV



Authorization - Sites/User Groups

Permission Rules and Capabilities

Content Ownership and Permissions

Granting Permissions to Projects

Publishing and Changing Ownership of a Workbook

Data Security and Network Security

Student Exercises: Practice Question # 4

Practice Question # 5

Practice Question # 6

Practice Question # 7

Session V

                Data Sources and Performance

                Create/Publish/Connect to DataSource

Data Engine and File Store

Creating and Publishing Extracts

Automating and Programming Server Tasks

General Performance Guidelines

Add Workers and Reconfigure

Improve Server Performance

Server Processes

Build a Performance Recording

Intrepret Recording

Student Exercises: Practice Question # 8

Practice Question # 9

Practice Question # 10

Practice Question # 11

Session VI

                Utilities and Log files Administration(Trouble Shooting)



Log files Overview 

Archiving Log files

Running Ziplogs and Cleanup

Archiving Log Files with a Snapshot

Using Server Logs

Student Exercises: Practice Question # 12

Practice Question # 13

Practice Question # 14

Session VII

                Monitoring and Upgrade Server

                Viewing Server Status

Admin Alerts

Admin Views

Preparing to Upgrade

Student Exercises: Practice Question # 15

Practice Question # 16

Practice Question # 17

Session VIII

                SSO Authentication and Embedding

                Configuring for Kerberos

Trusted Authentication

Embedding a View

Student Exercises: Practice Question # 18

Practice Question # 19

Practice Question # 20

Session IX

                Process Flows and Performance

                Repository Fail over

Publishing an Extract

File Store Decommissioning

Backup Cache Server

View Query Caching Search and Browse

Student Exercises: Practice Question # 21

Practice Question # 22

Practice Question # 23

Session X

                Automating Server Tasks

                Automating and Programming Server Tasks

Restoring a Backup

Customizing VizQL Query Limit

Exporting Configuration Settings

Data Extract API

Student Exercises: Practice Question # 24

Practice Question # 25

       Case study

                Interview Questions

Sample Data  - Requirements 

Case Study 1 Analysis

Request For Demo