Course Information

Salesforce Course Duration: 60 Hours

Salesforce Training Method: Instructor Led Online/Classroom Training

Salesforce Study Material: Soft Copy

Course Content


Welcome and Introductions

Overview of Salesforce

Introduction to Identify Confirmation

  • Activating  your Computer

User Interface Settings

  • Admin Permissions 
  • UI Options

Organization Administration

  • Language, Locale, Fiscal Year
  • Currency Management


  • Creating Profiles 
  • Creating Custom Fields
  • Defining Dependent Picklists\ 
  • Customizing Lookup Fields and Formula Fields
  • Customizing Page Layouts and Related Lists
  • Record Types and Business Processes 
  • Field Level Security
  • Login Hours and IP Restrictions

Security and Access

  • Creating Users
  • Understanding Record Ownership and Access
  • Organization Wide Defaults 
  • Role Hierarchy
  • Mass Transfer Records 
  • Sharing Rules
  • Manual Sharing and Team Sharing
  • Folder Access


  • Defining Workflow
  • Creating Workflow Rules with Tasks, Alerts and Field Updates
  • Planning an Approval Process 
  • Creating an Approval Process
  • Testing an Approval Process

Data  Validation

  • Defining Salesforce Data Validation 
  • Creating Custom Validation Rules Defining 
  • Custom Field Properties

Data Utilities

  • Import Overview
  • Import using  Application Import 
  • Wizard Update using Apex Data Loader 
  • Mass Delete
  • Weekly Data Export
  • Understanding Storage (attachments, documents, and records)


  • Understanding Different Types of Reports 
  • Creating Custom Reports
  • Advanced Filters 
  • Custom Highlighting
  • Custom Summary Formulas
  • Dashboards

Extending Salesforce

  • Custom Object Relationships 
  • Creating Custom Objects 
  • Custom Tabs
  • Rollup Summary Fields
  • Creating Custom Apps Essentials

  • Introduction to 
  • Basic Application Design

Managing Your User’s Experiences

  • Licenses
  • Profile and Permissions
  • Profile and Access to Data 
  • Profile and the User Interface Development

Development as services Overview
  •     Introduction to application Lifecycle Management
  • Vision for development as Services

Integrated Development Environment

  • Metadata API 
  • IDE 
  • sandbox

Introduction to visualforce

  • Visualforce overview 
  • Visualforce Basics 
  • Tag Basics
  • Tag  Binding 
  • Layout component
  • Output component 
  • Input component 
  • Iteration component 
  • Ajax component 
  • Custom component

JavaScript and visualforce

  • Action Binding and javascript 
  • Javascript function
  • Partial  page  update 
  • AJAX behavior on events

Introduction to visualforce (Apex) controller

  • Controller Overview 
  • Standard Controller 
  • Custom controller 
  • Controller extension


  • Introduction to apex 
  • Apex is Object Based 
  • Invoking apex
  • When to use apex
  • Types  of collection

Apex Library and Class and method

  • System 
  • User info 
  • Math
  • Apex object 
  • Limit 
  • DML/Database 
  • Workflow 
  • User Defined

Apex Trigger

  • Trigger Type 
  • Trigger Context

Exception, Debugging and Testing

  • Exception 
  • Debugging 
  • Testing
  • Deployment

Apex and Web Services

  • SOAP web Services 
  • SOA
  • NON-SOAP http Callout(@future) 
  • Asynchronous Apex

Advance Topic

  • Inbound Email Services 
  • Sending email from Apex 
  • Dynamic Apex
  • Apex Sharing 
  • Creating wizard
  • Inserting data via the data loader command line interface 
  • Registering a site 
  • Customer portal and partner portal 
  • Wrapper class
  • Generating proxy class 
  • Outbound messaging.

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