Course Info

Python Training Course Duration: 24 Hours

Python Training Timings: Week days 1-2 Hours per day (or) Weekends: 2-3 Hours per day

Python Training Method: Instructor Led Online Training/Classroom Training

Python Training Study Material: Soft Copy

Course Content

Getting Started with Python

Python Overview

Compiled and Interpreted Languages

Starting Python

Using the IDLE

Running a Python Program in IDLE/Command Line

Running Python Programs on *IX/Windows

Basic Syntax

some Maths with Python

Python Data Types


  • Int   
  • Float


Collection Data Type

  • List
  • Tuples
  • Dictionary
  • Sets

Control Flow

Looping in Python

  • If/While/For loops
  • Nested loops 
  • Break
  • Continue
  • Pass
  • Exit

Functions and Methods




  • Parameters
  • default
  • Variable Length Parameter

Command line arguments

Using basic data types to implement queues and stack

File Handling

  • Read
  • Write
  • Append modes

Object Oriented Programming in Python

  • Class definition
  • Attributes
  • Inheritance
  • Overloading
  • Overriding
  • Data Handling

Exceptions and Error Handling


Importing Modules, In-built modules 

os, sys, math, time, urllib, subprocess, datetime

Introduction to a Flask, a Web framework OR Introduction to Selenium and Python.

Creating a multi page website using Flask and Bootstrap


Doing some basic tasks with Selenium.



No pre-requisite.

No prior knowledge of programming or python is assumed.

What to Expect:

Understanding of Python basics

Able to read and write python functions and basic classes

File handling and error free programs.


Python review MaxMunus

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