Open Source SIEM Tools Training

Software product and services come together and form security information management (SIM). On the other hand, we have Security event management services (SEM). SIM & SEM club together themselves and form SIEM (security information and event management). SIEM do real-time analysis of threat detected by application and network hardware.

Normally SIEM have compliances modules, data retention modules, log ingestion and aggregation module, an analysis engine and alerting module.

The goal of SIEM Software delivery is to prepare a report for security-related events and incident eg failed login, malware activity and send alerts if data analysis shows that an activity is deviating from predetermined rules.

The likely sources of logs for SIEM system could be:

Intrusion detection systems/intrusion prevention systems (IDS/IPS) , Data Loss Prevention (DLP) systems, Anti-virus and other endpoints security software, Firewalls, Unified Threat Management (UTM) systems, VPN concentrators, Web filters, Honeypot or deception systems, Routers and switches, Domain controllers, Wireless access points, Application servers, intranet application and databases

Organizations can use Open Source SIEM tools to reduce software licensing costs and evaluate certain capabilities before extending their product investments. Open source SIEM solutions provide basic capabilities that can suit the needs of smaller organizations that are starting to log and analyze their security event information.  

We provide Open Source SIEM Tools training for Businesses for all below SIEM Tools:

SIEMonster Training

AlienVault OSSIM Training

Apache Metron Training

MozDef Training

OSSEC Training

Wazuh Training

Prelude OSS Training

Snort Training

Sagan Training

ELK Stack Training

Complete Customization of SIEM Tools training’s course content is possible for Individual student and for Corporate.  Open Source SIEM online training is available for individual and for corporate we may arrange classroom as well. For more information do connect us.
Few of the clients we have served across industries are:
DHL | PWC | ATOS | TCS | KPMG | Momentive | Tech Mahindra | Kellogg's | Bestseller | ESSAR | Ashok Leyland | NTT Data | HP | SABIC | Lamprell | TSPL | Neovia | NISUM and many more.
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