Tableau Admin Training

Tableau Admin Training

Tableau is business intelligence software that allows anyone to easily connect to data, then visualize and create interactive, sharable dashboards.

Course Information

Tableau Admin Course Duration: 35 Hours

Tableau Admin Training Timings: Week days 1-2 Hours per day (or) Weekends: 2-3 Hours per day

Tableau Admin Training Method: Instructor Led Online Training/Classroom Training

Tableau Admin Study Material: Soft Copy

Tableau Training

Course Content

Session I

       Overview/Getting Started

                Data Visulization Introduction

Tableau Prerequisite

Tableau Overview - Features

"Tableau Server Architecture                    

                           - Component Functions

                          - Server Diagrams"

Tableau Server Installation Checklist

End-User Abilities

Session II

                Install and Configure

                Tableau Server Installation Checklist

Server Installation Steps

"Configuration Options      

                        -Activate Tableau 

                       -Data Connections

                      -Alerts and Subscriptions

                      -Configure Kerberos"

Trouble shooting  during installation

Add and Admin Account

Reconfiguration - Tableau Server

Student Exercise: Install Tableau Server and Configure

Session III

                User Experience

                Exploring Server Content Types and Objects

Setting the Start Page

Distributed Environment Overview and setup

Work with Server - Sites

Setting Up Projects

Creating groups

Creating Users and assigning credentials

Scheduled Refresh Tasks and Subscriptions

Administrative Views

Interact with Views

Student Exercises: Practice Question # 1 : Creating Users and Groups

Practice Question # 2 : Schedule data refresh tasks

Practice Question # 3 : Create Custom Administrative Views

Session IV



Authorization - Sites/User Groups

Permission Rules and Capabilities

Content Ownership and Permissions

Granting Permissions to Projects

Publishing and Changing Ownership of a Workbook

Data Security and Network Security

Student Exercises: Practice Question # 4

Practice Question # 5

Practice Question # 6

Practice Question # 7

Session V

                Data Sources and Performance

                Create/Publish/Connect to DataSource

Data Engine and File Store

Creating and Publishing Extracts

Automating and Programming Server Tasks

General Performance Guidelines

Add Workers and Reconfigure

Improve Server Performance

Server Processes

Build a Performance Recording

Intrepret Recording

Student Exercises: Practice Question # 8

Practice Question # 9

Practice Question # 10

Practice Question # 11

Session VI

                Utilities and Log files Administration(Trouble Shooting)



Log files Overview 

Archiving Log files

Running Ziplogs and Cleanup

Archiving Log Files with a Snapshot

Using Server Logs

Student Exercises: Practice Question # 12

Practice Question # 13

Practice Question # 14

Session VII

                Monitoring and Upgrade Server

                Viewing Server Status

Admin Alerts

Admin Views

Preparing to Upgrade

Student Exercises: Practice Question # 15

Practice Question # 16

Practice Question # 17

Session VIII

                SSO Authentication and Embedding

                Configuring for Kerberos

Trusted Authentication

Embedding a View

Student Exercises: Practice Question # 18

Practice Question # 19

Practice Question # 20

Session IX

                Process Flows and Performance

                Repository Fail over

Publishing an Extract

File Store Decommissioning

Backup Cache Server

View Query Caching Search and Browse

Student Exercises: Practice Question # 21

Practice Question # 22

Practice Question # 23

Session X

                Automating Server Tasks

                Automating and Programming Server Tasks

Restoring a Backup

Customizing VizQL Query Limit

Exporting Configuration Settings

Data Extract API

Student Exercises: Practice Question # 24

Practice Question # 25

       Case study

                Interview Questions

Sample Data  - Requirements 

Case Study 1 Analysis

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