QlikSense Training

Qliksense Training

QlikSense self-service visualization. Drive insight discovery with the data visualization app that anyone will use. With QlikSense, everybody in your organization will simply produce versatile, interactive visualizations and make meaningful decisions.

Why QlikSense?

Import your own data and experience the power of QlikSense. A free data visualization tool that anyone can use on a personal computer.

Visualize information, build custom apps, embed visuals and support the whole spectrum of enterprise-level uses. currently there aren't any limits.

Interact with QlikSense apps whenever the need arises. Invite others to do the same in a secure environment.

The customization of text fields has no limits than some other BI solutions.

Course Information

Qlik Sense Course Duration: 25-30 Hours

Qlik Sense Training Timings: Week days 1-2 Hours per day (or) Weekends: 2-3 Hours per day

Qlik Sense Training Method: Online/Classroom Training

Qlik Sense Study Material: Soft Copy

Qlik Sense Training

Course Content

Introduction of the tool


Overview of Qlik Sense 

Overview of Qlik Sense Architecture. 

Introduction to Data and Scripting

Deployment Scenario. 

QlikSense Development Methodology

Creating Qlik Sense App

Data Load Editor and Managing Section

Introduction to Data and Scripting

Data Connection, Select and Load

Loading Data and Debugging

Basic Data Cleansing

Data Model Viewer

Scripting Considerations

QlikSense Data (QVD) Files

Data Modelling & Scripting

How to add text data and how to generate data in the QlikSense script. 

Basic transformation, generate data using QlikSense Script.

Mapping tables and cleaning up a data structure. 

Script language and how to aggregate data, joining tables, concatenation, functions, interval match and other scripting features. 

Scripting Consideration. 

Objects in Qliksense

Short introduction to QlikTech and Qlik Sense. 

Layout and best application design practices. What should you think about when designing an application? 

How to use Qlik Sense Desktop. 

What is a sheet, sheet object, list box ? 

Editing Sheets. 

How do we create the Qlik Sense objects mentioned above, how do we use them, including examples such as sorting data, entering data, exporting data. 

You will learn about charts objects, how to create them and the many functionalities, how to edit the format and layout. 

Qlik Sense Design Concepts. 

The Library and master items. 

KPI objects. 


Scatter Plot 



Overview of QlikSense Desktop. 

Introduction to multi dimensional objects such as pivot tables, straight tables with multiple expressions. 

Advanced calculations using set analysis and AGGR function. 

Introduction to Bookmark Objects 

Data story telling 

Collecting insights for a story 

Selecting insights for a story 

Building a story 

Working with slides 

Making items to the sheet 

Making a story compelling 

Responsive Design 

Publishing app 

Desktop Vs Server-side development 

Importing and exporting app 

Publishing an app 


Server development 


Key Features

Instructor Led Qlik Sense Online Training

Flexible Time At Your Convenience

Over 1,00,000+ Professionals Trained Across 100 Countries

24x7 Live Support via Chat, Mail and Phone

Corporate Training and On-Job Support



This by far one of the best training i have taken i have taken in a long time. I appreciate the effort put by the trainer in completing the course. 10/10

Rohit P- Qliksense Training

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