MicroStrategy Training

Microstrategy Training

MicroStrategy is a global leader in business intelligence (BI) technology. MicroStrategy software enables leading organizations worldwide to analyze the vast amounts of data stored across their enterprises to make better business decisions. The MicroStrategy platform delivers actionable information to business users via the web and mobile devices, including the iPad, iPhone, and BlackBerry.

 The MicroStrategy Business Intelligence platform gives businesses solutions to their entire query, reporting and advanced analytical needs and distributes insight to users via web, wireless and voice. MicroStrategy supports a full range of analytic functionality, from stunning business dashboards to sophisticated statistical analysis and data mining. It gives flexibility to start small and seamlessly scale to an enterprise deployment.

MicroStrategy is the platform that combines the analytics and interactivity of Dashboards 2.0 with the immediacy of real-time operational dashboards, ensuring that decision-makers can spot, analyze, and react to quickly changing trends and outliers. 

Course Information

Microstrategy Courses Duration: 30 Hours

Microstrategy Training Timings: Week days 1-2 Hours per day (or) Weekends: 2-3 Hours per day

Microstrategy Training Method: Online/Classroom Training

Microstrategy Study Material: Soft Copy

MicroStrategy Training

Course Content

Business Information Systems & Need of Business Intelligence. BI Architecture & BI Data Life Cycle stages Introduction. OLTP v/s OLAP.

Multidimensional Data Modelling: Dimensions - Members, Attributes, Hierarchies, Levels.  Measures - Base, Computed / Calculated, Aggregated. Types of Hierarchies. OLAP Architectures: ROLAP, MOLAP, HOLAP. ROLAP Schemas: Star, Snow Flake.

Analytical / OLAP Reporting: Types of reports - Tabular, Matrix / Cross Tab, Graph. OLAP analysis Techniques -Filter, Slice & Dice, Aggregate, Rollup, Drill up & Drill Down etc.

MicroStrategy BI Platform Introduction: Architectural Components, User Interfaces - Desktop / Developer, Architect, Admin, Web

MicroStrategy Metadata Terminology: Schema, Application, Configuration Objects. Mapping between Metadata & BI terminology. MicroStrategy Project & Project Source.

MicroStrategy Metadata Terminology: Schema, Application, Configuration Objects. Mapping between Metadata & BI terminology. MicroStrategy Project & Project Source.

MicroStrategy Tutorial data model and Tutorial Project description.

MicroStrategy Desktop / Developer Tool Introduction, Interface components - Reporting, Architect, Admin

Tutorial: Launching Desktop, Running Tutorial sample reports, Navigation, Menus. Ways of creating Objects

MicroStrategy Web High Level Introduction and running sample reports. MicroStrategy Office introduction and running reports.

MicroStrategy Desktop Details: Report Editor, Template Editor, Filter Editor, Report display views, Report cache, Report Details Properties

Desktop Tutorial: Create, Save, Modify, Run Grid reports based on Tutorial project. Add filter to report, Create multiple filters using Report editor. 

Create template using Template editor. Report creation based on external template object.

Desktop Tutorial: Create, Save, Modify, Run Graph reports based on Tutorial project. Graphs types, formatting etc.

Data Manipulators: Drilling on grid and graph, Page by, Pivoting, Outline Mode. Subtotals, Sorting, Exporting to different formats etc.

Style Manipulators:  Auto Style Selection, creation, usage across reports. Threshold (Conditional formatting) and Custom Banding. Locking and Resizing rows & columns. Fonts, Colors, Borders etc formatting. Graph Style creation and selection.

Report Filters: Ways of creating Filter. Embedded v/s short cut filter. Report Filter Types - Attribute, Set (metric), Shortcut to report and filter. 

Metrics & Facts: Creation of Simple and Compound metrics. Metrics Definition Components - Fact, Formula, Level. Formatting metric values. Subtotal calculation & metrics.

Prompts: Prompt Creation Wizard. Types of Filter Definition prompt - Attribute, Attribute Element, Hierarchy, Metric

Prompts: Creation of Value prompt. Object prompt for dynamic selection on objects inside report.

Search: Search Object creation and saving. Object prompt with search.

Saving reports containing prompts. Saving and reusing prompt answers.

MicroStrategy OLAP Services: Adding attribute or metric w/o displaying on template, Report objects. View Filter and Derived / Short cut Metrics.

MicroStrategy OLAP Services: Intelligent cube creation and saving. Disconnected analysis using Reports based on Intelligent cubes.

Documents & Dashboards: Difference between Report Services Documents & Dashboards. Document creation using Desktop Interface. Document layouts. Running with Web interface.

Dashboards: Dashboard templates, Display modes, Panel Stacks & Layering, Grouping & Selectors.

MicroStrategy Platform Administration basic introduction. Users, Groups and Security.

Scheduling reports, History lists. Subscribing to History list.

MicroStrategy Project Connectivity: Project, Project Source  (2 and 3 tier), Metadata Repository, Metadata Shell, Database Connection (DSN, Login), Database Instance etc.

MicroStrategy Project Design: Types of Schemas, Models, Tables. Relation with Schema Objects. 

Architect Tutorial: Creating Project and Schema Objects (Multidimensional Model) in existing Tutorial metadata project source.

Creation of System Heirarchy and User hierarchies. Drilling behavior based on hierarchies.

Architect Tutorial: Creating Data Source, Database Instance, Project in Tutorial metadata project source with Oracle / MS Access as source database.

Architect Tutorial: Creating Metadata Shell and Project Source. Schema and Data creation for sample star schema.

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