McAfee SIEM Training

McAfee SIEM Training prepares the participants to use and communicate the features provided by McAfee Enterprise Security Manager. McAfee SIEM is regarded as one of the best SIEM platforms in terms of analytics. The user can collect a variety of logs across a wide range of devices through the Active Directory system. In terms of normalization, McAfee’s correlation engine compiles disparate data sources with ease. This makes it much easier to detect when a security event is occurring.

Course Information

McAfee SIEM Training Duration: 30 Hours

McAfee SIEM Training Timings: Week days 1-2 Hours per day (or) Weekends: 2-3 Hours per day

McAfee SIEM Training Method: Online/Classroom Training

McAfee SIEM Study Material: Soft Copy

Course Content

  • McAfee Enterprise Security Manager Overview
  • McAfee Enterprise Security Manager Views
  • Data Sources
  • McAfee Application Data Monitor and McAfee Database Event Monitor
  • Aggregation
  • Policy Editor
  • Query Filters
  • Correlation
  • Watchlists and Alarms
  • Reports
  • McAfee Enterprise Log Manager and McAfee Enterprise Log Search

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